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Once-weekly Trulicity® helps activate your body to release its own insulin

Trulicity isn’t insulin. It’s a once-weekly type 2 diabetes medicine that comes in an easy-to-use,* single-dose pen. It can help improve your A1C and blood sugar numbers. And with Trulicity, you may lose a little weight.

*In a study, 94% of people said it was easy to use. Trulicity is not a weight loss drug. In studies, people who lost weight lost 2-6 pounds on average.

If you have questions about Trulicity, we’re here to help. Call The Lilly Answers Center at 1‑844‑TRU‑INFO (1‑844‑878‑4636).


Call The Lilly Answers Center at 1‑844‑TRU‑INFO (1‑844‑878‑4636).
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