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Here are 3 important things you should know when starting once-weekly Trulicity.

Here are 3 important things you should know when starting once-weekly Trulicity.
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Getting access to savings

If eligible, you may be able to save on your prescription.

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Offer expires 12/31/2020. Patient must have commercial drug insurance coverage for Trulicity to pay as little as $25 for a 28-day supply, subject to a maximum monthly cap of $150 and separate maximum annual cap of $1800. Patient is responsible for any applicable taxes, fees, or amounts exceeding monthly or annual caps. This offer is invalid for patients without commercial drug insurance coverage for Trulicity or those whose prescription claims for Trulicity are eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by any governmental program, including, without limitation, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medigap, DoD, VA, TRICARE®/CHAMPUS, or any State Patient or Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. Offer void where prohibited by law and subject to change or discontinue without notice. Card activation required. Subject to additional terms and conditions, which can be found

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Using the Trulicity Pen

Watch this step-by-step video that walks you through how to use your Trulicity Pen. Each pen contains one dose with no need to measure or mix anything.


It works with the click of a button.*

Uncap the pen
Place and unlock
Press and hold

*Be sure to read the full Instructions for Use for more information on how to deliver your Trulicity dose.

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What to expect with side effects

Everyone’s experience is different, but there are some changes that you might notice when you take Trulicity. The most common side effects with Trulicity are:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Decreased appetite

Nausea happens most often when first starting Trulicity.

If you experience nausea, talk to your doctor. In the meantime, you may find the following tips helpful.

  • Eat smaller meals — try splitting your three daily meals into four or more smaller ones
  • Stop eating when you feel full
  • Avoid fried or fatty foods
  • Try eating bland foods like toast, crackers, or rice

Additional information that may help you as you're getting started

Choosing Your Trulicity Day

Trulicity is designed to fit into your busy life.

Trulicity is taken just once a week. You can take Trulicity any time during this day, with or without meals. So, start by picking the best day for you and mark it as your Trulicity Day.

Do your best to stick to the same day every week.

If you need to, you can easily switch Trulicity Days, but there must be 3 days* (72 hours) between doses. If it's been fewer than 3 days since your last dose, wait until the following week to take your dose on your new Trulicity Day.

*Do not take 2 doses of Trulicity within 3 days of each other.

Choosing your injection site

Your doctor can help you choose the areas on your body that are best to use Trulicity. Be sure to use a different spot every time and do not overuse any one. Suggested places to use Trulicity are your upper arm, abdomen, or thigh (see diagram below).

Injection Sites Illustration

Storing your pen

  • Store your pen in the refrigerator, but do NOT freeze your pen.
  • If you decide to travel with your Trulicity pens, you can keep them at room temperature (below 86°F, 30°C) for up to 14 days.

Disposing safely after use

There are a few ways to safely dispose of your used pens. One way is to put them in a sharps container. Always remember to keep the container out of reach from your children and pets and refer to regulations in your area for how to dispose of the container properly. If you need a sharps container, Lilly can mail you a free sharps container. Order below:

Order sharps container
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The Lilly Answers Center

If you have additional questions, call The Lilly Answers Center at 1‑844‑TRU‑INFO (1‑844‑878‑4636), Monday through Friday. Although we won't be able to replace the advice of your healthcare provider, we'll do our best to help you.

Purpose and Safety Summary 

Purpose and Safety Summary 

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