The only GLP-1 RA combining1,2:

Trulicity Pen - 1.5mg dose
1.5 mg [NDC: 0002-1434-80]
Trulicity Pen - 0.75mg dose
0.75 mg [NDC: 0002-1433-80]
  • No-see, no-handle needle
  • No reconstitution required
  • No need to dial a dose

Please see Instructions for Use included with pen.


  • Check the pen to be sure it is not expired, damaged, cloudy, discolored, or has particles in it
  • Choose an area for injection (abdomen or thigh), being sure to choose a different site (even within area) each week

The key administration steps2

Place and unlock
Press and hold


  • Dispose of the pen in a closable puncture-resistant container and not in household trash

Please review the full Instructions for Use with your patients to ensure they understand how to properly administer Trulicity.

A simple approach to administer a first injection3

In a study, 99% of patients reported that overall, the Trulicity pen was easy or very easy to use


Patients injected successfully3

In a study where patients were trained at baseline on proper self-injection technique with the Trulicity pen, 99% of patients who had never administered an injection were able to successfully use the Trulicity pen.3

  • Patients with type 2 diabetes who were naïve to self-injection and injecting others (n=214) participated in a phase 3b, multicenter, open-label, single-arm, outpatient study on the safe and effective use of the Trulicity single-dose pen
  • The primary objective was to achieve a final injection success rate (proportion of patients who successfully complete injection) significantly greater than 80%
  • Patients were trained at baseline on proper self-injection technique with the pen
  • Final injection (4th weekly injection) success was observed in 99.1% [95% CI: 96.6% to 99.7%] (n=209) of patients (primary objective met). Success determined by evaluation of patients’ ability to accurately complete each step in the sequence of drug administration
  • After the final self-injection, patients completed a 12-item ease of use module (secondary endpoint). 208 (99%) out of 210 patients reported that overall, single dose pen was “easy” or “very easy” to use
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