Getting started with Trulicity®

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In "Let’s Talk Trulicity," our guide Lucy is here to help you understand some things about Trulicity, whether you’re thinking about Trulicity or already have a prescription.

In this video, Lucy will help you with the basics for making Trulicity part of your weekly routine. You’ll find out about picking your Trulicity Day, get tips on how to remember it, and discover other useful advice to get you on your way.

Please remember to review the Important Safety Information at the end of this video.

Let’s Talk Trulicity: Getting Started on Trulicity

Select Safety Information

Trulicity may cause serious side effects. In people who have kidney problems, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting may cause a loss of fluids (dehydration). This may cause kidney problems to get worse or kidney failure.

Choose your Trulicity Day

My Next Dose Calendar Day

The first step when you're starting Trulicity is to choose a day of the week to take your dose. This will be your Trulicity Day.

It's a good idea to pick a day of the week with a recurring event that's always a part of your weekly routine—anything from Movie Monday to Salad Sunday or even your weekly bowling night.

To remember to take Trulicity on your Trulicity Day, try marking your personal calendar, setting a weekly alarm on your cell phone, or putting a reminder note on your refrigerator.

You can also set weekly reminder messages to take Trulicity on your Trulicity Day with the Trulicity App.

Change your Trulicity Day

It’s helpful to choose a Trulicity Day that fits in with your schedule, but schedules change—and that’s okay. If you’d like to change your Trulicity Day, you can. Just choose the day of the week you want to be your new Trulicity Day. Then figure out when to take your next dose. If it’s been more than 3 days since your last dose, you’re all set. If it’s been fewer than 3 days since your last dose, wait until your new Trulicity Day comes along the following week. Then take your dose. Do not take 2 doses of Trulicity within 3 days of each other.

What to do if you miss a dose
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Download the Trulicity AppTM

Trulicity Icon

With the Trulicity App, you'll have mobile access to a variety of helpful Trulicity resources. The app lets you set weekly reminders to take Trulicity on your Trulicity Day, interact with a virtual demo pen, explore frequently asked questions, chat live with a Lilly medical professional, sign up for savings and support, review safety information, and more.

To download the Trulicity App for iPhone®, click on the link to the App Store® below.

Download on the App Store

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Sharps Container

Dispose of your Trulicity pens safely

There are a few ways to safely dispose of your used Trulicity pens. One way is to put them in a sharps container. Keep container out of reach from children and pets. Refer to regulations in your area for how to dispose of the container properly. To learn more about safe sharps disposal, click here. If you or someone you care for is currently taking Trulicity and you're over 18, you can get a sharps container for free.

Get a free sharps container

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Track your results with the Trulicity Tracking Chart

The Trulicity Tracking Chart can help you keep track of when you take Trulicity, your blood sugar, your weight, and how you’re feeling in general. You should consider talking with your healthcare provider about using the Trulicity Tracking Chart. This information may come in handy during your next office visit. You and your healthcare provider will be able to look at your results over time and decide if your medications, diet, and exercise routines are working for you. Once you download the Trulicity Tracking Chart, you'll have the option to print it.

Download the Trulicity Tracking Chart


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